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There is a problem with human beings. This is the first step everybody should recognise before being worried about the future (about any kind of future).

As I expect, you already know that we are missing something in our race into the future. Here you will find a lot of information about what is happening and why.

Answers from the past...

Almost 90% of the human population do not even have the chance to realise what is going on. They are concentrated on their own survival and can't reach this website (or any). Although they want to change their lives and eventhough they have tried to do it many times during history, they don’t manage to escape from slavery. Do you have a clue about why? Take your time to explore this page. Do you think you know the answer? Check in the past if it has been tried before.

...To understand the present...

How big is your world? Are you aware of how many people live in the real one? Do you know what are they doing? What are they dreams? Who or what makes them behave the way they do? And finnally, Do you think you are different?

...And change the future.

Once you know about the past and understand the present you are ready to change the future. Lots of people have tried to do that without being aware of how big and diverse is the world. Their actions (or lack of actions) have made things as they are today. Wisdom makes you free. Ignorance leads to selfishness and slavery. Learn and actin order to Be free.

There are some links that I highly recommend not only to Earth Warrior but for any people interested in understand who are them, what to do and why.

I will work hard to improve this place, trying to make it a useful guide to everybody.

Thanks for your interest,

Nature and Science

Nature mag.: Nature electronic mag.
Science mag.: Science electronic mag.
New Scientist : New Scientist electronic mag.
HMS Beagle: One of the best webs for Science
Scientific American: S. A. website
The World of Richard Dawkins: My favourite scientist. Try to look this amazing website.
Alternativa Racional: Web for Rationalist (Spanish)
Save the World club: Itīs my Club hosted by Yahoo.

Political Ideas

Anarchist Archives: Free historic and modern texts with anarchism as a topic.
Anarchist FAQ: Find your answers about this political movement.
Spanish Anarchism: Spain has a long and intense history related to the anarchist movement.
Capitalism : The theory of capitalism.
International Communist Group: Everything about Comunism

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